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Illinois Schools » Jefferson County Schools

Woodlawn Community School District 4

Woodlawn Community Consolidated School District 4 is dedicated to preparing students for a diverse future in a competitive and evolving technological world. Emphasis is placed upon learning through hands-on experiences and interdisciplinary activities which link the curriculum areas and provide the children with an in-depth understanding. Officials ensure that they offer safe, equitable opportunities so students in each of the schools can be enriched by participation in interscholastic activities which promote good sportsmanship, integrity, and life skills. Through an on going curriculum guided by the state board, all district schools encourage excellence and achievement in students, participating in active hands-on learning activities. The District invites parents to get involved and firmly believes its right, as parents can contribute to the success of the school to help guide the school board to ensure all students receive the best education possible while maintaining a social environment for the students to learn and grow into mature upstanding citizens.
District Information  
Woodlawn Community Consolidated School District 4
301 S Central St
Woodlawn, IL 62898
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Jefferson County, Illinois

Grades: P-8
Total Schools: 1
Total Enrollment: 349
District Type: Regular School District

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Name Type Grade
Woodlawn School
Woodlawn, Il
Elementary School KG - 08 349 17
Not Rated
Name Type Grade
Woodlawn School
Woodlawn, Il
Elementary School KG - 08 349 17
Not Rated
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Students   Staff   Academics   Graduates   Expenditures Data  
District Enrollment
Sub-Group NameValueSchool Year
Total Student Enrollment
Total Enrollment3492008
District Ethnicity
Sub-Group NameValueSchool Year
Student Ethnicity
Native American02008
Misc District Info
Sub-Group NameValueSchool Year
Chronic Truants Rate0.82008
Limited English Proficient
L.E.P. %02008
Low Income Percentage
Low Income %28.92008
Parental Involvement Percentage
Parental Involvement %1002008
Mobility Rate
Mobility Rate9.42008
Chronic Truants
Chronic Truants22008
Class Size
Sub-Group NameValueSchool Year
Average Class Size
1St Grade182008
2Nd Grade142008
3Rd Grade16.52008
4Th Grade162008
5Th Grade172008
6Th Grade232008
7Th Grade20.52008
8Th Grade152008
District Attendance Information
Sub-Group NameValueSchool Year
Attendance Rate
Attendance Rate99.12008

District Teacher Information
Sub-Group NameValueSchool Year
Teacher Ethnicity
Native American02008
Teacher Gender
Total Teach FTE Count
Total Number Of Teachers242008
Teacher Experience
Average Teacher Experience12.12008
Bachelor's Degree83.32008
Master's Degree Or Greater16.72008
Pupil Comparisons
Pupil To Teacher Ratio - Elementary18.42008
Pupil To Teacher Ratio - High School02008
Pupil To Certified Staff Ratio13.42008
Pupil To Admin Ration3492008
Teacher Salaries
Average Teacher Salary394792008
Admin Salaries
Average Admin Salary648002008
District Financial Information
Sub-Group NameValueSchool Year
Local Property Taxes
Local Property Taxes Amount8158742008
Local Property Taxes Percentage29.12008
Other Local Funding
Other Local Funding Amount6135802008
Other Local Funding Percentage21.92008
General State Aid
General State Aid Amount9947022008
General State Aid Percentage35.52008
Other State Funding
Other State Funding Amount2166312008
Other State Funding Percentage7.72008
Federal Funding
Federal Funding Amount1603612008
Federal Funding Percentage5.72008
Equalized Assessed Valuation Per Pupil
Equalized Assessed Valuation Per Pupil971062008
Total School Tax Rate Per $100
Total School Tax Rate Per $1002.52008
   Woodlawn Community Consolidated School District 4, Jefferson County, Illinois

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